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401(k) contribution limits 2018: In the news this week we’ve been hearing a lot about 401(k) limits going up for 2018 but we’ve also heard of proposed cuts in the tax reform bill, I’ll get into those details with you today. 
The headline reads “why traditional retirement is dead”, what has changed?
And we haven’t talked about estate planning for a while, so we’ll have a refresher course for you. (From October 28, 2017 show)


Retirement personality type: On this week's (11-4-17) Your Safe Money Show. I will explain why being healthy can help you on so many levels including your pocket book. 
Also, I will tell you what vaccines are important for us to get as we get older,.
Finally, what’s your retirement personality type? Once you have that information you can better plan your retirement 

​Deer collisions and insurance: Here’s the question, is it better to hit the deer or try to swerve to avoid hitting the deer? How your car insurance will pay for your vehicle repairs or replacement has a lot to do with the collision itself. 
Plus, how much are you planning on spending this holiday season? I’ll have a survey from Go Banking Rates, that says how much they found people were planning to spend. 
I also want to save you some money, so we’ll look at what products are on deep discount in November and how can you lower your utility bills this winter. (From November 11, 2017 show)

What is co-insurance? As I meet with people about their health insurance with MnSure open enrollment and Medicare open enrollment, I’ve had questions asked about co-insurance and other insurance terms. So on Your Safe Money Show (November 18) I’ll explain those terms and how they affect you.
Most people pick an age to retire, well let’s reconsider that thinking and go by income as way to decide when to retire.

Getting back into the job market in our later years can be a challenge, I’ll have tips to help and how can we teach our children the value of money? 



Your Safe Money Show is a financial show aimed at education but also discussing current news and trends that can affect you and your finances. The "safe money" piece targets those age 50 and older that are planning for retirement and need to keep their nest egg safe so they'll have income all the way through their retirement.