Regrets and money: Our topics include, your learning from other people’s mistakes. We all have financial regrets and I'll discuss how to avoid them.
Summertime, people are headed to their cabins or vacation homes. Many of these places have been in the family for years. I will have four questions to ask before you pass the vacation home onto your children. 
And believe it or not if you want to cancel a credit card you’ll want to know the right way to do it. (July 8, 2017)

Common Scams: On Your Safe Money Show this week I will go over common scams that people still fall for. I am hoping this information will keep you safe.
I am also going to take you back to school with retirement terms that are good for you to know and understand. 
And we’ll look at the new target retirement age, it might surprise you what that number is. (From July 15, 2017 show)

Costs of drinking: On this week's Your Safe Money Show we'll talk about what the cost of alcohol over the course of one’s lifetime means in real dollars. And we are using alcohol as an example but we could easily have used tobacco, eating out, whatever. I think you’ll find the numbers interesting.
Medical debt can devastate people’s lives but there are some big changes coming to the way credit agencies report this debt that should help people.
We so often hear that younger people drive the economy by spending more on goods and services than older people. Well once again baby boomers are changing that line of thinking. (From July 22, 2017)


​Changes to credit reports:  There are some big changes to credit reports starting July 1st I want to tell you about.
If you’re a young adult, I have three things you can do to increase retirement savings.
And I have a story about a family dairy farm out East that is using new technology to keep the farm going. Adapting to change is crucial with so many facets of our lives.(From July 1, 2017 show)


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