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Sales in September: For this week's show we’ll warn you about charity scams that are taking advantage of your giving nature in reference to the Hurricane Harvey disaster. What do you need to watch out for?
We're hearing about gas prices rising, how high and for how long can we expect this trend?
On a lighter note, we’ll have items that seem to always go on sale in September, just in case you’ve been waiting for a “good deal”.
If you’re thinking about retiring soon I have questions for you to consider before jumping into retirement.  (From September 2, 2017 show)

​​​Social Security facts: On this weeks (9-9-17) Your Safe Money Show, I have facts about Social Security everyone should know.
Also there are people and their circumstances that can ruin your retirement, I’ll have suggestions to keep that from happening.
And Medicare is fixing a major identity theft risk, I’ll explain that as well. (From September 9, 2017 show)

Gradient interview: We have an in studio guest this week  on Your Safe Money Show. Kalen Sigecan from Gradient Annuity Brokerage out of Arden Hills will answer questions about Gradient, what they do, how long they've been around and how they partner with Sjoberg & Holmstrom. But you'll also learn about annuities, how they've changed over the years, how they work for today's retiree, and much more. (From September 16, 2017 show)


​​Driving for dollars:  Retirees are in demand to drive vehicles for people who need them moved cross country. It’s a great way to make extra cash and see the country.
When you’re married there are certain financial benefits you get with your investments that singles don’t get. We’ll go over those today.
And Social Security has made some changes for 2017 that you need to know. (From August 26, 2017 show)


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