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What is net worth?  We all know June is a month that many couples get married, so I have some advice for newlyweds that can actually help all of us. There was a story this week in the Star Tribune, about jobs in Minnesota and our aging workforce and what big companies are doing to plan for changes going forward. And understanding “net worth”, what it is and why it is so important to your financial future. (From June 10, 2017 show)

When not to use credit cards: We use credit cards for so many purchases these days, but there are times when you should never use a credit card.
It is summer travel season and I have ways for you to save on your next vacation.
And if you’re turning 65 and still working do you have to sign up for Medicare? (from June 17, 2017 show)

​The future of working: We all can have fear about the “unknown” but a new study has found some retirees are hoarding their money and not being balanced in spending during their retirement. Why is this happening?
The Milken Institute Global Conference, was held recently in Los Angeles, what were their findings about people working in the future? 
And before you co-sign on a student loan you’ll want to understand the ramifications. (From May 27, 2017 show)


​Largest household expenses: The American College of Financial Services had a 2017 quiz on “financial concepts,” and found there’s still confusion for three out of four people between the ages of 60 and 75. We’ll go over those concepts with you so you’ll be that one in four that understands financial concepts.
 Your Social Security income statement should be reviewed on a regular basis so you can correct and stay on top of that information. Otherwise your benefits can be affected.
And expenses are something we all deal with, but what expenses are the most hurtful to our household budgets? Getting control over those expenses can certainly help your bottom line. (From June 3, 2017 show)


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